Podcast 01 - Sarah Levy - Y7 (4)

Sarah Turned Hot Yoga and one YES into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

For the first episode of my podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Larson Levey, the founder and CEO of Y7 Studio, a growing chain of boutique hot yoga studios in NYC and LA — recognized as one of Inc’s 5000 fastest-growing private companies. She talked me through her journey from working in fashion to building this successful boutique yoga business. 

In a crowded industry like the fitness world, how was Sarah able to stand out?

How did she get a $5M  investment?

How did she transition from doer to leader and kept her team motivated?

The Beginnings of Y7 Studio

Sarah started building Y7 Studios while working in sales in the fashion industry before deciding to leave her job to focus solely on her business. One of the tips for founders she shared during our conversation is to give yourself enough time to think through life changing decisions like this, but not too long as you might talk yourself out of it!

Be Solutions Oriented

Now that Y7 Studio has opened 13 locations in New York and LA, Sarah shared one of her ingredients to success. She explains how being solutions oriented became vital in moving the company forward. “If someone makes a mistake, how do we prevent making that same mistake in the future?” is Sarah’s mantra to her team. 

All business owners are bound to hit a wall at some point, a problem so big it almost demoralizes the team to come up with a solution. This hit Sarah when they first branched out to LA. She realizes that she needed to make the switch quickly as the landscape was definitely different from New York. “It is what it is sometimes and you can only move forward with the information that you have.” Rather than dwelling with the problem for too long, she did her research, talked to her clients, and made the necessary adjustments for Y7 Studio to make it in LA. 

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