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Mastermind GOLD


This program is for women entrepreneurs who...

  • Are graduates of Masterclass or are making over $200k in annual revenues
  • Want to keep scaling with personalized coaching
  • Are committed to increasing revenues this year by 50-100%


  • Small exclusive group setting
  • Access to Julia and her network of mentors and CEOs
  • Funding opportunities via angel investment, crowd-funding
  • Learn to set ambitious projections and “reverse engineer” hitting those numbers

Six Months of 1:1 Coaching

This longer term coaching relationship is ideal for women seeking to solve business issues that take more time like “How can I double my revenues?” or “How do I raise capital for my business?” or “How can I run my company more efficiently and delegate and outsource so I can scale faster?”

Topics ideal for 1:1 Coaching:
  • Increasing your revenues by 50% or more
  • Building the right team/ infrastructure for scaling up
  • Fundraising for your business (Angel, VC)
  • Overcoming scarcity mindset
  • Becoming a thought leader in your industry

With successful female founders at the Million Dollar Women Summit

Package of Four One-Hour Coaching Sessions

This package of four coaching sessions is perfect for when you want help with a high level decision or fundraising preparation. Some common issues include "What kind of capital should I raise?” or “How do I build an Advisory Council?” or "How can I improve my pitch and fundraising approach?"

Good for solving specific problems and challenges. 
  • Building a sales pipeline
  • Hiring/managing your team
  • Getting ready to raise

Breakthrough Session

This one-hour session is designed to help you break through the biggest obstacle you're currently facing in your business. Popular topics include: Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign, Creating a Strategic Plan, Getting Ready to Fundraise, and Building an Advisory Council. Breakthrough Sessions are ideal for working through one specific challenge or big new initiative where you need expert advice and guidance.
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Hiring Julia as a coach was a huge boost to my fashion business. We worked on strategy, sales, and creating events to build up my brand. Julia brings her vast experience in business building. What I liked best is that her approach is hands-on and she makes complex things seems simple! Every time we spoke I came way with actionable steps I could take right away. I am still catching up on my homework and I’ll be back for more coaching when I am ready to raise money! – Dominika Budny
Julia has a no-nonsense, supportive coaching style that pushed me to “think big” and clearly define my action steps to get there. She has a deep base of knowledge from which she draws. Highly recommend her to coach anyone who is ready to go for it! – Rosemarie Day, Founder & CEO of Day Health Strategies
I loved working with Julia as a fundraising coach. Having someone hold me accountable for the steps I needed to take was key, and I loved getting insights from someonenot in my business or industry. She helped me think ahead, and see the big picture at times when I was caught up in the weeds. I am now more confident about my raise and on a great track to raise $1M for my seed round! – Molly Beck,
Even though I am digital strategist, I knew I needed a coach to help me with my own strategy! I am so glad I was referred to Julia. I have been able to redesign my entire business and web site to be more scalable and profitable, raise my prices and get clear on my next steps for doubling my revenues. I am now "reverse-engineering” all the personal and professional goals I shared with Julia on our first call! It feels so good to have this roadmap and the confidence of having learned from someone who has "been there, done that" so that I can keep serving my amazing clients at an even higher level while I build out my business. – Emily Goodstein, Greater Good Strategy
In Masterclass I realized that even though I was always busy as a CEO, the bulk of my activities were not focused on the right things. Now I have shifted my focus to strategy, team and money - and the results are incredible! I have new partnerships, recruited stronger team members and turned my attention to fundraising more than ever. Thank you!! – Denise Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Watch Her Work
Before Masterclass, there were many things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. The coursework gave me the information that helped me get Esthetic Solutions to the one million dollar mark! – Emily Tryon, CEO of Esthetic Solutions
Masterclass was a game changer for me! The business teachings, coaching and amazing community of women have helped me make more money, feel more confident and reorganize my business to scale up. Thank you! – Rachel Kovar, Founder and CEO of AccessMBS
Working with Julia saved me months of research and development time, and she really helps me see around corners and into my blind spots! I think I have seen the greatest impact of our work together in my sales and marketing strategy. I always get off our calls feeling refreshed and inspired. She is exactly the coach I needed to help me kick it into high gear. – Erin Janklow, Founder and CEO of Entrada ESL
After four years of working IN my business, Masterclass allowed me the opportunity to work ON my business.  Julia created a thorough, streamlined curriculum that brought me back to the core fundamentals of running a successful business: mindset, finance, marketing, strategy, and execution. It was invaluable to focus on these elements that really drive the business and will help to ultimately drive success. – Maria Velissaris, Founder/CEO of La Voila Beauty
Julia opened my eyes to what is possible in my business. It’s one thing to have goals, but a whole other challenge to figure out how to reach them! Now I have actionable steps, including helping me break through some limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had. The things that were preventing me from moving forward are gone, and I am really excited about scaling up my business and all that is ahead.” – Monique Reidy, Founder/Publisher, Southern California Life Magazine
If you’re a new entrepreneur or an entrepreneur struggling to figure out how to scale, grab Julia Pimsleur’s Masterclass and make her your fairy godmother. She really wants to get you to a million-dollar business—and she gives you the readings, workbooks and hand-holding to get you there. – Lesley Seymour, CEO, Covey Club
Becoming intentional about my networking has been what has most impacted my business. I've reviewed how I network, and split my networking meetings into three categories that focus my time spent in this area. – Nikki Bentley, Founder & Executive Producer, Perfect Tribe
I’ve had the incredible good fortune of working with Julia Pimsleur on creating a solid foundation for my consulting firm, so that profits can soar. She is a great co-pilot for success, keeping me on track with key milestones and co-creating innovative ways to structure the business for greater profits and more sanity. I recommend her book, her coaching, her Masterclass – everything she does is first class and delivered with heart. – Natalie Lynn Rekstad, Black Fox Philanthropy

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