Million Dollar Women

The Essential Guide for Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big

Amazon Top 20 for Women & Business
Axiom Business Book Award Winner 2016


book-shot-front-4 Over the past twenty years, women in the U.S. have started nearly twice as many businesses as men, but only three percent of all women business owners ever make revenues of one million dollars or more. Most are running “kitchen table” businesses, just getting by, or in many cases, running out of cash.

Julia Pimsleur aims to change that with Million Dollar Women, a guide to taking your business to the million-dollar mark and beyond. Million Dollar Women introduces you to Pimsleur and seven other women who have raised capital, developed powerful networks, and built multimillion-dollar companies from scratch. It teaches you the concepts and the vocabulary you need to scale up and secure funding. It shows you how to network, when to delegate, and when to seek coaching and support.


Praise for Million Dollar Women

“Useful and inspiring.” —Diane Von Furstenberg, fashion magnate

“Do you have an ambitious vision for your business, but aren’t sure what to do next? Million Dollar Women is both encouraging and realistic—it’s packed with insights, practical advice, and real-life examples. Successful entrepreneur Julia Pimsleur provides an invaluable guide for any woman who wants to make a big jump.” —Gretchen Rubin, author of Better Than Before and The Happiness Project

Million Dollar Women gives women a roadmap to getting over the million-dollar mark with their businesses. Julia Pimsleur speaks from having been in the trenches herself and has a genuine mission to help other women make it into the million dollar women club. A must read for women who care about their financial futures.” —David Bach, author of Smart Women Finish Rich and Start Late, Finish Rich

“Building your million dollar business often requires finding, convincing and working with outside investors. And those angels and venture capitalists are mostly all men. Million Dollar Women provides the map, compass and inspiration to enable female entrepreneurs to enter that world and emerge victorious!”—Adam Quinton, Investor, CEO of Lucas Point Ventures

“[A] spirited business guide. … Pimsleur takes on some of the major competency requirements and hurdles women may face, including getting angel or venture funding, nurturing allies, handling foes, assembling the best team, and building networks. Packed with case studies and stories of Pimsleur’s own history and rise, this enthusiastic, encouraging guide is a great Business 101 for entrepreneurial women.” —Publisher’s Weekly review

“Pimsleur, CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, shares her inspiring story to help other women reach that goal. … With thought-provoking interviews of women entrepreneurs and other business experts and important exercises at the end, this resourceful book is rich in ideas and valuable insight.”Booklist Review